Saturday, November 26, 2016

Deep Drop

Once my busy life and winds matched up, I jumped at the chance to get offshore again. Our buddy Shane texted Lee that he wanted to go deep dropping. Since Meghan and I had never done it, and Lee had done it a few times, it was an obvious "let's do it." We met up at 4 a.m. for the long haul offshore, but man when I heard the engines turn over it brought a smile to my face.

We started wreck hopping on the way out, picking up Black Sea Bass at each honey hole. Meghan was a natural and put Lee and Shane to shame for a while. But we know better than to count them out and they soon started catching up.

A pair of Mola Mola aka Ocean Sunfish or a "Jay it's a Bebe Wheeal"

David Leslie hails us on the radio and stops by to give us some numbers where everyone smoked the bluelines and solid class of seabass.

Citation Tile for Lee

Citation Tile for Shane

We tried another spot for Blueline Tilefish but only hung a few seabass until Lee hangs into something real nice. I look up and he is up current stretched out. Shane handles the boat when they say its a shark and we assume its a blue dog, right until Lee sees its tail and says "that's a Mako, son." I still wasn't sold until it started doing some arial acrobatics jumping out of the water. Lee pulls him in, I gaff it quick and we throw it in the icebox before it can start going crazy on the boat.

With the time running out we pick up and run in by 3 p.m. with over 200lbs of meat in a stuffed fish box.

What A Day.

So Fly Fishing isnt that bad..

I haven't had an opportunity to get out like I like but I have picked up fly fishing for Bass and Crappie over the last few weeks. I'm a beginner for sure but just getting out on the water and fishing has forced me improve tremendously even over this short time. I'm really looking forward to learning and advancing as a fly fisherman.

And of course I couldn't post without showing off my Personal Best Catch at the Marine Corps Ball this year.