Trophy Room

Trophy Bull Redfish
PC: William Ragulsky 

Sailfish Release

Stud Kingfish, Meghan's first offshore fish from a kayak

White Marlin

 3 White Marlin released from my boat

Trophy Sheepshead

3rd place tournament Sheepshead (Catching for Kids)

71 lb Cobia

57" Redfish, biggest caught in Virginia 2016

Tournament Division winning Redfish (TKAA 2016)

Citation Bull Redfish


49" Released Cobia

Released Cobia

Kayak Striper, released

Striper Landing

2 at a time

Bull Red Citation

Double on Bull Reds

Pretty color on this Bull Red

less than 2 hours and had 2 Cobia for the box

AJ Fight

NC Release Citation AJ 59"

Sail Jump

Sail Landing

One of a pair we caught on a double

NC Sailfish

Great day on a 20ft boat

Virginia Release Citation 50"

 29" Monster Speckled Trout
24.5" Speck

24 1/4" Citation Speck

53" Red

50" Bull Red

 51" Bull Red
Cool shot of my boat and Red during a solo trip

Big King off the kayak

Big King off kayak with Filter

Big False Albacore

Virginia Citation Spanish Mackerel on the boat

Photo Credit: Rob Alderman
First Amber Jack

Photo Credit: Rob Alderman
First Barracuda

Tournament 25" Sheep
Photo Credit: Rob Choi

Tournament 23" Spadefish Surprise Sheepshead
Photo Credit: Rob Choi

Shark Fight
Photo Credit: Rob Choi

24" Sheep

First Citation Striper 46"

45" Striper

24" Speckled Trout

 27" Speckled Trout

Spring Tautog

Spring Tautog

Citation Red Drum 48"

Citation Red Drum 48"

Citation Striper 46"

Chug Bug 40" Redfish

Fiddler Crab Striper

Fat 24" Sheep

24" Sheep

22" Flounder

24" Sheep

Citation Red off the beach

24" Sheep

20" Sheep

Black Drum

23" Sheep

24" Sheep

Pair of 20" Flounder

Snow Day

Citation Striper 

49" Red

47" Red

Spade Fight
Photo Credit: Rob Choi

Photo Credit: Rob Choi

Giant Bluefish

 Giant Bluefish

Tournament Winning Sheepshead 25.5" and 11.86lbs

Florida Boat caught Giant Permit

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