Monday, December 12, 2016

King for a Day

With a last minute weather opening Lee and I exchanged a couple of texts and a road trip was in the plans. The king bite had been good so with pictures of silver missiles in our heads we made plans. The only issue is we didn't have a big enough cast net to come up with enough live bait, fortunately Good Times Sportfishing knew Al and Lee so were more than willing to help. Of course just before they called us over my livewell pump stopped working and the well was dry. I flipped the switch and nothing.. I opened my hatch to get to the pump but everything  looked like it was hooked up and nothing should be wrong. Lee suggested the fuse but it checked out as well. In a last ditch effort to ensure we had live bait I worked on my switch behind the panel and with pressure it came on. I couldn't get it to stay so I asked for some copper wire for the ballyhoo and I used it to ensure a firm connection inside the switch, then used electrical tape to make sure there were no shorts with a portion of the hot wire still exposed. The charter fleet had trouble finding the bait but these guys stayed longer to ensure we had bait, I cant say enough about the quality of guys they are (see their report on the link SMOKERS). They even told us to find them offshore if we ran out, real class guys. 

With bait in the Contender we ran out in 2 foot chop to a wreck we were hoping held some kings. It did and we began drifting and catching almost immediately. 

Lee with the big fish of the day right off the bat!

My first king of the trip.

Meghan's big king.

Mixed in were some giant little tunny!

Al with a king while Lee leaders in one of mine still on the line. 

Started jigging to see if I could trick one!

Meghan on the gaff shot.

Using Als rod and jig I nailed this king so naturally I was telling him how its done haha. 

One of Meghans little tunny.

It was awesome to get out and try something we had never tried  before. Overall we ended the day by 1:30 but had our limit by noon. I cant say enough about the crew of Good Times, with out them we couldn't have gottten it done. Keep up wit them on their facebook page.

A word of caution, follow someone out that knows the area well. The shortcut is a surf launch and the inlet is constantly changing and moving, its sketchy in good conditions.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wet and Wild with Wildy

When Evan with Wilderness System Kayaks reached out to ask if I was interested in heading down to the keys for a promotional shoot for their new Radar 115 and 135, there wasn't really anything else I could say other than 'Hell Yeah.'

Check out some of the footage!

Meghan also joined me on this trip and was able to sight cast, hook and land her first bonefish with the help of Bo Sellers of Shallowminded Charter Company! It wasn't just a check on her fishing bucketlist, but an experience of a lifetime. Oh, and she also got in the water to scare off a 5' blacktip shark that was coming for the second bonefish of the day. All in all, it was an awesome adventure for everyone involved.