Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Red (D)Rum

Just before the last front blew in, Meghan and I made it out to look for drum. I hadn't been out yet due to all of the Marine schools and commitments I have had so far this year. We paddled around all day looking, but not seeing, a single drum. Meghan looked at me and pointed to a storm coming in, and we made the call to leave before we got stuck out on the barrier islands.

Just as we turn to leave, I call to Meghan and launch my Hogy swim bait into the center of a huge school I spotted. I hook up immediately, and Meghan gets close enough that she casts in and hooks up as well. I land my first quickly and cast back into the school for another. Meghan lands hers as I get my second into the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140. We snapped some pics and got three seperate release citations just as the storm crushed us. Even with a near slack current, what should have taken just under an hour took almost two paddling back in.

Sight Casted Striper the next day!

Tuna Tuesday

Lee and I have been patiently waiting for a day to tuna fish. The reports from Oregon Inlet were unbelievable, we saw a weather opening on a Wednesday, but we decided it was best to wait until we were both off work and didn't have to burn a vacation day. I've been saving mine for when the White Marlin show up, and he is saving his for the much anticipated upcoming birth of his daughter.

The reports rolled in with limits of yellowfin and big eyes filling the decks of boats, with docks lined with Mahi. We knew we were missing out on a major opportunity and Lee said, "its worth it lets go." On the following Tuesday we got our shot, with the crew of Duane, Lee, Kyle and myself. We aimed Southeast and beat the fleet to the rip. We immediately troll a grass line and start hooking small mahi and skipjack tuna.

While working a line that kept popping the outrigger, I felt a sudden "weight" on the line. I tried to force it forward to the clip and immediately had the line pull, followed by the 50 wide bucking to life and letting us know we had a solid tuna on. Duane took the wheel, and once in range, Lee put the 55lber yellowfin tuna over the rail.

 Kyle with one of many solid gaffers

 Kyles gaff shot in between the eyes!

 Lee's yellowfin!

With the fish box full of tuna and Mahi we made the run back through the shoals of OI. What a great day with friends.

Fishing Info: Water temp high 70s, working a weed line along the rip with med ballyhoo paired with seawitches.