Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Good News and Bad News

Which do you want first?

The good news is that the water temps in Virginia are warming and the fish are beginning to turn on. The water temps in the bay are in the upper 40s which means the Tautog should really be turning on. I made the trip to the island and was skunked, tried the ships and was skunked. I began thinking I lost my touch from last year when I caught more than I can remember. I tried the island one last time and ended the day with a single 17" tog. I have never seen one with this much color, most female are nearly all black / brown with an occasional white spot. The males have more white with a dark back. This one had a school buss yellow on both sides like a kindergartener tried to color her. I took a couple photos and called it a day with the current picking up, narrowly missing a third skunk. Have patience and the tog will turn on as the water temps rise.

Now for the bad news..... I have been selected to join a Marine team headed to Afghanistan within the next few months. I will be training for the next few months and am taking my kayak and truck down so i can fish for reds, specks, and flounder there in the area. I am also going to try to make it back up for my other loves, bull reds and sheepshead.... Oh and you too Honey. Yall have a great summer and hopefully Ill see some of yall on the water this summer. If yall have any honey holes down there please share, my time on the water will be limited and I know Ill be feigning for the fight. Once I have a chance to get on the water Ill post reports until I depart.


  1. There's some good fishing down that way man. Check out Fort Fisher and Southport at the mouth of the Cape Fear.

    Take care of yourself while over seas. We look forward to your safe return. Maybe once the water warms up and Kam starts fishing we can see if Allie want to get out and the girls can hang out some.

  2. You will have some good fishing in Lejuene! Stay safe Devil Dog!Do what you do! Semper Fi