Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Waiting on the wind

I got done with work Thursday at 1300 and knew I wouldn't be able to relax while I still had new water to learn, and I have a lot of it here in Jacksonville NC. On the other hand I also knew the winds were pegged at 15knts and the water was a shade darker than chocolate milk. F it, I am going fishing. I head out and fish some holes taught to me by NCPierMan. I slip onto some flats and pound the banks with a gulp ripple mullet and pick up a 17" red. That was it. I decided to let the tide cycle carry out the murky water before I try again.


I got out again today Tuesday 5/7 and hit a pond on Camp Lejeune. Those that know me know how hard up I have to be to fish freshwater. I fish for two hours with one small bass to show. I spooked a big bass off some shallow flats so I know they are in there and can be shallow. I get to a creek that looks nice. I hook a baby and he jumps off. I cast again to the center of the creek with a bush sticking out. Number two in the boat. Not bad and I am building confidence in my senko worm. Then I see it, a tail waving in the shallows. It moves ever so slightly, taunting me and I am not gonna waste any time. I jet to the opposite side for a good angle and I see some bait scurry away from the tailing bass. I get to the other side and cast but it doesn't hit the mark. I recant and cast close enough that I know he sees it, although far from the perfect toss. I work it ever so slightly when it begins to move causing a wake and I know I am about to hook the one. The wake grows larger then it breaks the surface and its a 6-7 foot gator tying to get into the center of the creek where I am, in the deeper water. He veered to my left and I sat there for a second before I got the hell out of there.  I caught another bass on the way to the ramp but kept my legs in the boat! That was my first experience with a  gator, hope its my last. Sorry no pics of the gator.

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