Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Stripes

I got the opportunity to get out with my buddies Lee and Joe ( the Friday before Labor Day. I knew I probably wouldn't make it out that weekend with the crazy boat traffic but Friday with light winds and current predicted we made the trip to the island for some striped fish fun. Sheep were about 40 feet down and chewing on fiddlers and mole crabs. Spades were along the pilings and you could find them by looking into the water. Once you find a school drop clam down and wait for tap and swing away. For the sheep I use a dropper loop and 40lb mono paired with a 2/0 Gamakatsu live bait hook. For the spades I use a 3/4 ounce egg sinker before a swivel. 20lb leader and a #2 live bait hook for the spades.

Boat traffic was actually fairly light for a Friday before a long weekend but it seemed like the entire fleet was coming in for the weekend. 

Joe was first to strike with a citation sheep. 

I got on the board next with a light bite citation sheep, 25.5". 

Reviving the 20 year old fish. 

Actual Release

The guys at Oceans East II baitshop asked for some spades so we delivered them. 

I turned around just in time to see a huge swell. I told Joe he might want to turn into this one and get away from the pilings. This could make your outing a bad day quick if you don't spot it in time. 

After we cleared the set, Joe looks at me and yells I couldn't see you when you dropped into the wave!

It was a great day spent with some cool guys. Water conditions were good but there was a slight red tide the first mile or so fro the beach. With the cooling temps this shouldn't become as bad as last year. Be careful out there and tight lines guys!

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  1. Nice job Jay - congrats on the paper! Wish I could have joined you but I had beach day with the family. We were watching the same carrier rolling in, as well as the cruiser that followed shortly after it.