Tuesday, October 29, 2013


With water temps between 61 and 63 I knew I wanted to make my way to the island 3 miles offshore but had to wait for the winds to lay down. Last week didn't happen and we found some good trout instead but I love tog fishing. This week the winds died down and I made my way out to the island with live blue crabs ready to deploy. I was by myself so I jammed out with my earbuds in, it makes the long trip much more bearable when you don't have anyone to talk to.

 I hit the first spot at nearly 8, slack tide but only caught oystertoads, once I begin catching those I move on. I finally find a set of pilings with a tog on each set. The first tautog of the day goes 17. I forgot my camera mount at home so sorry about the photo angles. Remember if I wanted to keep em the limit is 16" min and 3 in possession.

And I kept catching them, one at each piling. Which is kind of odd, I am used to finding several at a spot then none at other spots. It just wasn't the case today.
13" Tog

17" Tog

My fourth fish today was tagged. I measured her at 16.75, and reported the catch to The Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program. I leave the tags in so the tagging program can continue to track these guys as they grow.  

15" Tog


I then caught a 11.5" Black Sea Bass that was tagged as well, so I had another one to report. 

 Little 10.5" Sheepshead, usually like em 14" bigger but he was a surprise with the cooling water temps.

Last tog at 13".
During the paddle I stumbled across a dead 5' Sturgeon. This is the first one I have seen in the wild here in Virginia so I was mildly surprised. I learned yesterday at the Virginia Aquarium that Virginia is actively trying to increase the population. I reported it to Virginia DGIF who asked for photos.

Overall it was great just to get back out to the bridge tunnel complex, I ended the day with 6 tautog, a limit if I kept them,  2 tagged fish and a small sheepshead. The cold water species are turning on so get out there when the wind lets you, its worth it!  
Gear used was a Shimano Trevala S paired with a Shimano Curado 300e spooled with 65lb power pro. I use a dropper loop with 40lb mono for the leader paired with a 4 oz sinker and a 4/0 Gamakatsu Octopus circle.    


  1. again nice job my friend good to see yo doing what ya love catching fish from the yak,im gonna have to get up there and wet a line with you ;)

  2. Nice work! Please educate the uneducated. Is the 3 mile island the first island on the CBBT coming from VB? I bet it was wild to find that sturgeon! Hopefully the Virginia Aquarium can work out a plan to help the species rebound.

  3. Tim, I owe you one, so when I get back if you want to get out for a day let me know!

    Nerf, Yes its just over 3 miles from Chix beach to the 1st island on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT).