Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shoal Searching

 Photo Credit: William Ragulsky (

After a week of really good reports Tex, Billy and I decided to give it a shot with a cold front headed our way. We thought we could launch early, get to the shoals, look for them, catch them and be on our way in before the storm hit, or at least hit hard. Well the storm showed up early, but we were there so lets do it..

Ok lets keep looking...

After hours of cold wind, mist and short bouts of rain we were all questioning our sanity. We knew the fish weren't where we thought they were and were paddling around in kayaks during a cold front...we are not normal. Some say we are driven, some say it's ego...who knows...but there is definitely something off with us when we choose to be on the water away from families looking for a fish only to let it go. We should take up golf and be normal...but that wouldn't be any fun, the more pain, the more joy in success.

Just before heading in, the cloud cover lifted for a quick moment and I look at Billy and Tex and yell there they are. I saw a school of fish, so we worked together and launched our baits. None of us hooked up, Tex yells it's striper -- they tend to be real picky at times. Billy hooks up and is dragged through the school, then I catch one off another nearby school, then I hear Tex cussing and I know he just broke one off. We get together and take some photos and call it a day.

 Photo Credit: William Ragulsky

 Photo Credit: William Ragulsky

 Photo Credit: William Ragulsky

 Photo Credit: William Ragulsky

 Photo Credit: William Ragulsky

Tex and I went out the next week after the air and water warmed up a bit, and Tex managed to land one on the outside of the shoals. I looked but never found the school and ended the day with the skunk. 

I have been getting a lot of questions about the Wilderness Systems Thresher 140, I have now had a couple months getting to know her. I will post up a full review next week on Wilderness Systems new offshore kayak.

Tight Lines Ya'll!

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  1. Where is the thresher report? Paddled one a few weeks ago at the demo day and loved it! By the way Ashley is my wife.. she's the one with Google account. .