Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A couple Cobia, some AJs and a pair of Sails


Last week was super busy with may successful trips. First trip was a afterword trip where we got a release citation with a 50" Cobia. We went out on Friday and found another but slightly shorter at 49", not a citation but a nice fish. We released him as well since we have enough meat in the fridge.  




On Sunday my buddy Brian asked me to help on a trip he had planned. I helped him gaff a few cobia, the biggest went over 50lbs.

Last week the weather started looking good for this week offshore, so after a few calls I had a crew of Lee, Al and myself set up. We get out and Al hooks up on the jig, his had been shot by a spear fisherman. Lee gets the next one but breaks off. I get one but it comes unbuttoned. Al gets the next and we move on. The coolest thing was seeing a giant Mola Mola, or ocean sunfish come check us out. 

At the next location Lee hooks up on the first drop, I break one off and Al lands another. Al hooks another and while I had told him I wouldn't reel in "his fish" several fish before I finally said "ok". I slammed the drag home and it almost took me out of the boat. The guys laugh and I tell em no its still taking drag, 25lbs worth. This lasted till the end and with the rod doubled over Al says that rod isn't supposed to bend that much. Once we see color we can tell its giant. We get it in, take some photos and a measurement and its 59". A true giant, after a quick revival we release it to the deep.



We look at the clock and know its either keep wearing out the AJs or try and troll. Lee rigs up the spread and gets everything just right. I tell him I'm going to try and get a nap in before we head in, but I would get up if we get a bite. Within 20 minutes Lee yells we got a bite, he is reeling in the left long, I jump up and he thinks its a gaffer. I start to grab the gaff and the right short gets a hit. I pick up the rod but its not tight. I hand the gaff off and slow the boat down when Lee's fish jumps and yells its a sail! The right short gets hit again and I pick it up and immediately am treated to an airshow, a double on sails! Lee gets his to the leader and is released to deal with mine I am still fighting. We get her in and get some photos to remember our first sail on the boat, and my first sail ever! On the way in we bail a dozen dolphin and get in and the seas build. Yeah Id say we had a pretty amazing day.



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