Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Marlin Fishing

I was lucky enough to finally have the bottom of the boat stripped of bottom paint and epoxy applied just in time for the White Marlin to show up off the Virginia Coast. Lee, Duane and I decided to take a weekday off to make the 70 mile run offshore to try our luck. Unfortunately at the launch we couldn't get our running lights on so we waited till first light, the joy of figuring out a new boat I suppose. Lee had a good idea of where to start and I let Duane take the wheel while I sipped on coffee on the way out. Once we made it to mecca it was obvious, sportfish boats as far as you could see North to South. Before we had our second bait in the water Duane was feeding the first Marlin of the trip. We caught 3 White Marlin before 10am and the bite shut off for us despite seeing a ton of other boats hooked up.

Overall we caught 3, burned just over 100 gals of gas and had a great time with great friends despite having one of the smallest boats out there!   

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