Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Red (D)Rum

Just before the last front blew in, Meghan and I made it out to look for drum. I hadn't been out yet due to all of the Marine schools and commitments I have had so far this year. We paddled around all day looking, but not seeing, a single drum. Meghan looked at me and pointed to a storm coming in, and we made the call to leave before we got stuck out on the barrier islands.

Just as we turn to leave, I call to Meghan and launch my Hogy swim bait into the center of a huge school I spotted. I hook up immediately, and Meghan gets close enough that she casts in and hooks up as well. I land my first quickly and cast back into the school for another. Meghan lands hers as I get my second into the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140. We snapped some pics and got three seperate release citations just as the storm crushed us. Even with a near slack current, what should have taken just under an hour took almost two paddling back in.

Sight Casted Striper the next day!

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