Monday, September 15, 2014

Cobes, Reds and a photo shoot

Quick report from the week of 9/8. Mid week we got an invite from  Brian Olszyk of Stretched Out Fishing ( ).  We took his boat with the swell and winds rising. We managed to spot some Cobia and landed 2 keepers and 2 throw backs in about 3 hours of fishing. Not too bad for a quick afternoon trip.


I then had Meghan Lorraine come back up to go fishing with me this Saturday. She is he newest member of Lucid Fishing ( and wanted to get some photos. Our plan was to look for cobia then find a spot for Bull Reds. Well after about 90 minutes of looking we decided to fish for reds and look again in the afternoon. I immediately set out lines with dead bait while she starts bait fishing. She gets us small spot and croaker both of which go back out on lines. We get a run and I can see the head shakes and I say yeah that's a red. We get it to the boat and she yells "that's a Giant Redfish!!", I net it and we quickly work to measure, photo and release the fish.

50" Red, my first Red off the boat!

Meghan with a Giant Virginia Bull Red using her Lucid Grips! Not a plug but due to the size she really does need them to position large fish for photos. 

Reviving the old Red

After that the storms began moving in and we raced them home. We finished off the day with drinks and Texas A&M football at home. What a great day!

The next day Kencraft Boats asked for some photos of my ride, a Challenger 206. So we sent them some decent ones despite the wind and lighting being off.

Hopefully the rain wont ruin fishing for long and we can really get into the fall fishing, then we have to decide what to chase on any given day with everything biting! 


  1. Stellar outting! A lot of fish seem to be in limbo right now during the seasonal shift. Some bites are on fire as others have lock jaw. Glad you hooked into some reel big fish!

  2. Nice looking rig! I've been looking at these too. Maybe I missed it but what size motor did you end up putting on her?

    1. I had a Yamaha 150, a 200 would habe been sweet.