Friday, October 10, 2014

Change Up

We had been hitting the reds up pretty hard so I decided to head out on the kayak and get one for my sponsors. They had been asking for a photo with a paddle so I headed out, and within 90 seconds I was hooked up and landed a smallish bull. I got the photos I needed and released it back to the herd. It slowed a bit with Kevin ( landing one and a boat idling up and fishing right in the middle of 5 kayakers and then it was dead. I did catch a 19.5" flounder on a giant gulp while jigging for reds though! We paddled in happy with the quick session.

I then got out with Lee looking for AJs and kings, no one was home at the light tower and the reds covered us up on the troll. No kings, sharks, rays just bull reds but that's never a by catch!

Also, I was using a pair of cheap fish grips and recently upgraded to Lucid fish grips and its night and day. Im not sponsored by them and even lee said how much he liked them. I tried to hand him the old ones and he refused and specifically asked for the Lucid grips! Good investment apparently!

Ill prob spend more time in a kayak the next few weeks focusing on trout and tog, well see if the winds work with us!

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