Friday, October 17, 2014


I have an old Tarpon 140 that I have used extensively on the pilings of the CBBT. Most of you know we grind up and down on the rough pilings often coloring the piling the color of your boat, like a giant crayon. This never bothered me much but with the wind howling and a day off I decided to stop by Appomattox River Company for an experiment.

I brought some course sandpaper and began sanding the scars off (be careful with your boat thickness may vary).

Once sanded down to clean smooth plastic, although scuffed I took a heat gun and blasted the scuffed plastic reveling some deeper cuts but the overall appearance appeared cleaner. I was able to remove minor scratches with ease.

I also added flush mount rod holders to my new Tarpon 140.

Lessons learned from this experiment would be to use course sandpaper, then fine sandpaper, then a heavy duty heat gun (mine was for hobbies). If I had the time and inclination you could remove scratches and scuffs to have your kayak looking good as new. While there Andrea Nunnally , Kayak Kevin, and I also replaced the rudder, nylon cords in the tank well and cockpit, new seat cushion and of course added some stickers. overall the kayak looks and is more functional with the fix up. She is ready for 5 more years of service!

While I was there I had to purchase the newest edition of Kayak Fishing The Chesapeake Bay 3 where I made an appearance! Get yours at


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