Saturday, March 2, 2013

Breaking in my Wilderness Systems Ride 135

This is another week leading up to a week off with the Marines so I had to make the best of it. I was watching the forecast and it looked beautiful for both my days off. I picked up my new Ride 135 the week before and had it rigged for sight casting so I was ready to slime her for the first time! I met up with Kevin late on the first day. The light was fading and we hadn’t found any fish. The Ride 135 was much more stable than I thought and made standing and casting an easy task. Kevin stopped to put on some sun screen and I began blind casting a Chug Bug. I told Kevin I was going to show him how they do it in Louisiana, jokingly. On the third cast I see the red explosion. It takes a moment for me to comprehend that the top water actually worked! I reel until the line is tight and looked at Kevin and said “hooked up”! He began paddling toward me and I began worrying it may be a ray but with a couple head shakes I said “it’s a red”. He began to film but just as he was getting to me his rod goes off and he says "Got one!! Ha ha ha!! I’ll see ya later!". We both fight our fish for a while, these 40 inch fish are real mean, and not slobs like the 46+ fish. I leg mine in and paddle to Kevin as he gets his in. We take some pics and after another thirty minutes we head in. Not bad for just over 3 hours of fishing.


The following day I took Allie out and we went on a long paddle, somewhere between 8-10 miles. On the way to the hunting grounds Kevin sees me pick up my rod and inquires, I said I thought I was on them. I cast as my Ride 135 begins drifting near and 4 or 5 fish spook. I begin reeling in the chug bug to cast at the spooked school and just before the bug gets to the boat a huge striper strikes and misses my bait. We looked but came up short with the bad cloud cover. We keep trekking to our spot and just as Kevin looks at Allie and I and says we should catch a red here his rod doubles over. After he lands that one we go looking for reds and after another mile I see a small splash. I cast and the chug bug gets hit 3 times but the fish was hitting it with its side. Kevin casts into the school and hooks up to a healthy 41”. Justin Mayer joins us and he catches a striper and something else after I leave.
On the way in Allie is still insisting she could stand with Kevin and I to sight cast to fish in the Tarpon 140. So finally I agree to let her try. I take her gear and to my surprise she stands up easily three times with out fear. Looks like Ill have an extra set of eyes next time we fish!

Kevin and Justin had a good couple days after, check out what else happened!

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