Saturday, March 2, 2013

Something to do on a cold day

I watched the weather and decided to go for Striper if the winds were below ten this week. Two days before Lee Williams told me to go because I was still on the fence, with his endorsement I decided I would give it another shot this week. The day before Kayak Kevin told me there were some reports from the Kiptopeke area so there was no turning back. I arrived at Kipto at ten just before slack but the weatherman missed again, it was howling. I decided to stay close to the ships but didn’t have any takers, I took a break at one.

I checked the forecast and it was still predicting the wind would drop out later so I kept at it. Went back out at two fifteen and settled in on a spot, look out and see a lot of bird activity about a mile from the ships, I decided I would have to go to the fish even though the wind and current were still a major factor. I chased the diving birds for over an hour until they broke up. I knew I was about two hours away from slack so I decided to troll my eels but after thirty minutes I looked over to find I was only treading water due to both the current and wind in my face. I turned towards the ships and started moving inland. I was so thankful I had a Tarpon 140 W/ rudder otherwise I might have gotten into trouble with the winds and cross current.

The winds begin to let up just as the current began slowing. I made my way to 80 ft slough. I planned on drifting back over to the ships to meet my buddy Alex. I had one rod 30 feet down and another free lined, and on queue just as I am questioning my sanity for coming out seven times for these fish I get a hit on the deep line. I tried to set the hook but the drag was too light and she spit it. My mental state was going south quick so I had to pull out my Monster energy drink to lift my spirits (its also been my good luck charm in the past!). I get one sip in and the deep line gets taken again. I set the hook hard and she runs for the bottom. I get her to the boat, leg her in, and it’s all over. At this point a giant school of menhaden starts popping all around me, and the water has turned to glass. It was an amazing sight. My luck continued when I see Alex paddling out to me even though we were supposed to meet at the ships! He takes a couple pics, and we measure her at 46 inches. While he is taking a picture my free lined rod which is still out doubles over but it wasn’t meant to be. We stayed with the menhaden and Alex gets a good run but it unbuttons. I get another good run and set the hook hard on my free lined eel. This fish stayed on top the entire fight sticking its head out of the water shaking vigorously to set itself free. I get her to the boat and measure her even though its obviously shorter than the last. She goes 42 inches. A few pics and she was released. We fished until ten thirty with only a dog to show for it so we headed home. After six trips and twelve hours on the water I finally got my paper Kow! I do have to thank Lee, Kevin and Alex, yall gave me the tools to “go get on ‘em”!

46 inch Citation Striper

42 inch Striper


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