Saturday, March 2, 2013

Striped fish

I stole Allies camera and headed to the CBBT to meet Tripp. We immediately paddled out for some spades but he was the only one to hook up.

I still had some fiddlers to play with so I hit an old productive spot. Immediately, tap tap then nothing but the sound of drag coming off my Avet reel. After a solid 4 runs I boated my first release citation sheepshead. He measured 24 ¼ inches and was released. I wish I snapped a couple of better pics but I wanted her healthy to make more babies.

I went to another spot right after boating my sheep and tap tap tight line! Not much drag coming off but a healthy fight got this tog in the boat.

I played around and lost my next 6 fiddlers so called it a day at 2.

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