Saturday, March 2, 2013

Last day of summer

Today was Tripps last day of summer (He is a Teacher) so I told him we could fish where ever he wanted, and he chose the CBBT. We headed out and were both surprised by the clarity of the water, gin clear to 10 ft. While we intended to just go for sheeps we knew the flounder bite should be good with the water quality being what it was. So trip began throwing a gotcha at the schools of baitfish and within minutes he had us both a bluefish for flounder bait. We drifted and bam, a solid hookup by Tripp, his went just over 20inches. Within minutes of his being put on the stringer I get on the board with one right at the 20 inch mark!


After sorting through a ton of croaker and dink flounder we found our thoughts were of counting sheep not the kind that make you sleep but the kind that keep you up at night. We hit up spot and within minutes Sea Cat catamaran named “Scat Cat” came barreling toward us, spots us and immediately pulls a 180. The maneuver sent our plastic boats slamming into the pilings. The boat then thought that they should start casting directly at Tripp. They were not going for a Cobia we didn’t see they were casting bottom rigs…. About five minutes after their arrival I was hooked up! I let out a whoop and holler so not only Tripp knew I had one but so did the guys in the off shore boat. He measured at 19 ¾, was tagged and let go.


I asked Tripp if he thought the same piling could hold more than one fish that size, because we knew Rob Choi had caught several from a single spot. As we were going through the possibilities I re baited and went through no less than 7 fiddlers. Finally as we were about to call it quits I tell Tripp I have another one. This one was much better and was trying to round the piling, I could feel the braid rubbing the barnacles below but luckily he turned back the other way toward the open water. I got him close and Tripp gets a good look and tells me to get him in the boat, he’s easily 13lbs. I got him close and with a leg sweep I had my second Citation of the week in the boat. This one measured 25, was tagged and released.


We called it a day with the winds gusting. Here is another pic of the two keepers.

Oh and Tripp made both of my leaders for me, actually now that I think of it, he has made all the ones I have been using to catch the Sheepies on.

Thanks for a Great summer Tripp, I can’t wait for winter break! haha

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